Welcome! I’m Jack, 22 years old, living in the UK, and what some would call a nerd. I’ve been into gaming and “nerd culture” for almost my whole life, having been bought a Game Boy (the grey brick, none of these fancy coloured shenanigans) by my dad when I was just four years old. As a result, I fell deep into gaming from a very young age and that is a hobby that has stuck with me my whole life!

More recently, I developed an appreciation for aspects of Asian culture by stumbling across Korean music almost seven years ago now! Eventually, my appreciation for Korean pop, indie and metal music let to me exploring more, where five or so years ago I began to dip my toes into Japanese so-called “otaku” culture – anime, manga, Japanese music. Fast forward to today, where the majority of my life consists of video games, anime, and music!

I hope you enjoy your stay here at my first foray into traditional blogging, where I hope to put out sporadic reviews and opinion pieces on the anime I’ve been watching, manga or novels I’ve been reading, games I’ve been playing or the music I’ve been enjoying!