[Impressions] What I’ll Watch: Summer 2018

A new anime season is upon us, and I’m already a week behind! A lot of shows have already started airing their first episodes and I’ve been slow to the ball this time as I’ve had a busy week but I definitely wanted to get a What I’ll Watch out for this season as it’s quite an interesting one.

I found last season a struggle, with no shows actually able to keep my attention (in fact, every single show I either fell behind on and didn’t mind, or actually never started in the first place!), but there’s definitely a couple this season I would like to make a real effort with!

Without further distraction, let’s get into my Summer 2018 list of shows! Do remember that I’m not here to talk about the best shows — I’m here to talk about what I have my eye on, whether it’s good, bad or just plain interesting! My real aim with this is to discuss why I’m interested in what I am, and to hopefully introduce you guys to a few you might miss!

Happy Sugar Life — Drama; Horror [Studio Ezo’la]

Right off the bat, here’s my most anticipated show of the season! Happy Sugar Life is a horror-drama/horror-romance following a young girl who obsessively loves and protects somebody she cherishes, to the point of psychosis and murder. Pink haired yandere girl? We all know how this ends… I’m a sucker for the psychological dramas, and I love a good gory/horror twist, so this show ticks my boxes!

The promotional videos released for Happy Sugar Life look incredibly fascinating, and I cannot wait to see how this yandere horror-romance ends up.

Grand Blue — Comedy; Seinen; Slice of Life [Zero-G]


Grand Blue is far-and-away one of the most well-loved and adored comedy manga out there right now (it’s currently sat at the 7th highest rating of all manga on MyAnimeList!), and the news of the anime adaptation falls on excited fans!

On the surface, Grand Blue is a comedy manga following a first-year university student who moves into his uncle’s scuba diving club, but quickly becomes accustomed to the alcoholic university life. In fact, the university-age characters and setting is the unique selling point of Grand Blue — they show all the lazy and carefree moments of university life. Expect drunken shenanigans and attempted romances aplenty!

Ongaku Shoujo — Music (Idol); Slice of Life [Studio Deen]

This is undoubtedly the least exciting show on my list, but it has a place here because I’ve actually appreciated Ongaku Shoujo for years! In 2015, Studio Deen showed a 25-minute short film of the same name (created by young trainee animators!) following two young girls becoming idols — the Ongaku Shoujo short film had some absolutely amazing character design and stunning visuals that caught my attention instantly. One of the charms for me was the commitment to traditionally animated 2D dancing and choreography; none of this fancy 3D CGI stuff seen in all other idol shows!

Three years later, we have a full TV anime adaptation, however with a different aesthetic and totally new cast of characters. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hesitant and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this show to everybody, but I’m sure we’re in for a fun and carefree ride through more layers of idol hell.

Angels of Death — Adventure; Horror; Psychological [J.C. Staff]

The second horror show on my Summer 2018 list! Satsuriki no Tenshi (Angels of Death) is an anime adaptation of an indie horror game! Created in the RPG Maker engine (which has been used for hits like To The Moon and Corpse Party), it follows young girl Rachel and scythe-wielding Zack as they attempt to escape an abandoned building they wake up trapped in — with everybody they come across attempting to kill them, they have nobody else to turn to but each other.

I mentioned this a couple of seasons back with Junji Ito: Collection, but I firmly believe that anime might be one of the hardest mediums to do good horror in, but I continue to hold out hope for a good one! Angels of Death might just be that one, and we shall wait and hope.

Harukana Receive — Sports (Beach Volleyball); Slice of Life [C2C]


My final choice for this list is beach volleyball anime Harukana Receive. I actually dabbled in this manga a while ago and actually really enjoyed the brief bits I read! It was a genuine beach volleyball manga following Haruka and Kanata (hence the name “Harukana”) forming a beach volleyball duo — the manga definitely handled “girls in bikinis” surprisingly respectfully and I really hope the anime follows suite!

It’s rare to find a sports anime following primarily female characters (and we actually have two this season with badminton anime Hanebado! airing as well!), not to mention a show revolving around girls in swimsuits and bikinis being surprisingly respectful and tame by anime standards and I’m excited to see how it shapes up!

That brings my personal Summer 2018 highlights to a close! There are a few other shows that I’m keeping my eye on and relying on other people’s opinions first, and in traditional fashion these include:

  • Banana Fish, an action/yaoi following a teenage boy raised as the sex slave of a mafia boss tackling his past as his “Papa” learns about a hideous family secret.
  • High Score Girl telling the comedic story of a beautiful, rich and popular girl who absolutely smashes a nerdy gamer boy in Street Fighter II consistently.
  • And the latest production from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure studio David Productions entitled Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work) — a story following the 37 trillion cells that make up the human body and keep you running healthy and happy!

What are you guys interested in this season? And have I bought any new shows to your attention? Let me know in the comments!

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