The Best Harem There Is? | The ‘Build a Harem Tag!

Oh boy, it’s tag time! My good friend Molly from over at ahogegirl has nominated me for animeQandA‘s latest tag: The Build A Harem Tag! The rules are simple: choose five anime characters you would want in your own harem anime, each fitting within the realm of any typical anime trope!

I’ll open this post with the complete rule list as laid out by animeQandA:

  1. Link back to the original post on AnimeQandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 characters you would want in a harem and give reasons if you want
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into any of the harem tropes (childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc.)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!

I do face one issue: everybody I follow and interact with has already been tagged and will either be doing this post or already has! Rule 6 might be a difficult one for me…

Without further ado, let’s get right into the news post! I’ve enforced a house rule of “no repeat shows”, so you’ll see a variety here!

Dityz/Airhead: Hatoko Kushikawa [InoBato: When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace]

Image result for hatoko

Without a shadow of a doubt, Hatoko belongs in my list right off the bat! Hatoko is one of the leading characters in Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill; Darling in the FranXX; Kiznaiver)‘s superpower-themed school comedy Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, often shortened to InoBato (When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace). From the very beginning, I had Hatoko penned as my favourite character in the cast: she’s absolutely lovely and incredibly responsible, however regularly just nods along with and pretends to understand what our protagonist Jirai is talking about just to be nice and let him have his fun. Without saying too much, this pretense starts to get the better of her and leads to one of the most iconic anime moments I can think of! I considered putting her in another category, but at her core she’s ditzy, a little slow and just plods along because she’s an amazing and supportive friend above all else!

Tsundere: Maki Nishikino [Love Live! School Idol Project]


Anybody, anybody who knows me will see Maki in my list and think “Literally nobody is surprised, Jack…” and you’re right! The token tsundere of Sunrise‘s idol/music show Love Live! School Idol Project stole my heart from the get-go, being a talented pianist and songwriter as well as absolutely adorable! I don’t really have much else to say about Maki, except for there’s a reason I have nearly 550 saved pieces of fanart of her alone…

I don’t have a problem, I promise…

Kuudere: Rei Ayanami [Neon Genesis Evangelion]


A very recent addition to this list is this blue/silver-haired husk of a girl from Hideaki Anno’s masterclass in character development and all-round classic Neon Genesis Evangelion! Truth be told, I only recently finished Evangelion (having watched all of the original 2-cour TV series, the sequel movie End of Evangelion and the New Theatrical Release movies, oft called the Rebuild of Evangelion), however I am acutely aware of how much of an influence Evangelion has had on the landscape of anime as a whole. In fact, the cold and distant Rei is the absolute quintessential and original kuudere through and through, and any characters of this trope since exist because Rei became an absolute fan favourite. Whilst Rei isn’t my favourite kuudere to date, the history and impact she has left lets her take this space!

[On a side note, expect a mostly spoiler-free review of the entire Evangelion franchise to date Soon™! I have so many thoughts, feelings and opinions and I need to get them written down whilst they’re fresh!]

Responsible/Class Rep: Shiraishi [Tanaka-kun is Always Listless]

Image result for Shiraishi tanaka kun

Yes, okay, I have an “anime type”, I’m sorry! I’m always drawn to the responsible and independent types; those characters who can look after themselves and me and come across as super grown up and like they’ve got their lives together! Shiraishi from Silver Link (Kokoro Connect; Masamune-kun’s Revenge; Non Non Biyori)’s Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Tedaruge, known in English as Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, is a perfect fit for this archetype! Not only is this school comedy one of my all-time favourites, being incredibly pretty, peaceful and “healing”, but Shiraishi is such a lovely character herself! She puts on airs of being beautiful, stylish and responsible, but deep down this isn’t really her — she wants to relax, let her hair down and lead a more simple life. My favourite girl from one of my favourite shows has to be here!

Childhood Friend: Nanami Aoyama [The Pet Girl of Sakurasou]

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Yet another “got her life together” type of character, and this time perhaps a controversial choice considering the “waifu war” that Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo by J.C.Staff (ToradoraFood Wars) has going on in its fanbase! I debated putting Nanami under “tsundere” however she isn’t traditionally abusive and hurtful toward our main character Sorata—she just berates him and pushes him to better himself. She’s a shy and diligent girl with a hard-working mindset and I love her character a lot!

As a side-note: please watch Sakurasou! It’s one of the best drama anime I’ve ever seen and develops characters and relationships so well (and deals with overworking, stress, mental illness and other topics very well!).

And there we go: my five-character anime harem! There are a huge number of characters and tropes I wish I could have added in and debated for ages over including instead, but eventually I settled on these five absolute best girls.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to tag people as I mentioned earlier: I’m only a small blogger and I don’t have enough people I could tag who haven’t already got this lined up ;-;

If you’ve made it this far, I would like to open the floor to any of you reading this: what would your ultimate harem be? Let met know in the comments!

– Jack

9 thoughts on “The Best Harem There Is? | The ‘Build a Harem Tag!

    1. Thank you Molly, and thank you for tagging me! I can recommend InoBato if you want a sort of a slice of like/shounen/harem in a way—all the kids randomly get superpowers from some act of God and they have to live normal lives with big super powers and main boy is a chuuni so you’d love him!


  1. Some interesting choices here. Great to see Rei showing up on the list.
    I think your harem ended up a lot nicer than mine did. This group actually looks kind of fun to hang out with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I quite liked your list myself, Natsume and Yuuri are such cuties! I think I had the advantage of mostly choosing characters from sweet shows (minus Rei of course!); if I took some darker action shows I’d definitely have a darker and less fun selection…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad somebody else appreciates Shiraishi! Tanaka-kun as a whole show is an absolute treasure and I don’t think any show has been such an across the board lovely and wholesome watch for me :3 Thank you for the comment Moya!

      Liked by 1 person

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